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So i was just hanging around this evening, chilling out after a hard day of preparing things, for me moving in two weeks, and it’s been pretty hectic!

But the weather was great and and it was very hot outside, so that made the day!

That aside, i was browsing the web, just hanging around facebook and other great sites, and i stumpled upon this great site with people sharing the clothes they wear, so basically it’s an answer to the “what are you wearing today?”-question! And the people on that site is really wearing some awesome clothes!

So you’ll might think, HOW AWESOME! I’LL SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!, yeah, but that’s not that simple, you see it’s an exclusive site, with invitation only!

Bummer huh? yeah i thought so to! so now you can be happy that you’re not alone! I really wan’t to have an invite-code to, but that’s not that easy to get, so i’m stuck browsing around the site looking at other people, but that’s pretty fan-fucking-tastic to!

If you wish to brows the site right now, you can do that here

And now we’re talking about LookBook, i’m postin a little pic, from exactly that site :D

pic from lookbook


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